Terms of Use


Creating both company and applicant account is totally free. Company accounts will only be invoiced when creating new job postings.

Job postings

Sharing the url to your created job posting is fully allowed, even if using a url shortening or measuring services such as bit.ly.

Offensive language

Any language or words that can be clearly deemed offensive to any organisation, group or individual in job postings, company description or anywhere else will not be tolerated and may lead to a warning and later account shutdown if no action is taken.


Any attempts to sabotage, manipulate or in other ways damage the service will lead to immediate account shutdown.

Receiving emails

By using our service you agree to receive email messages from companies and applicants regarding job postings you have created or applied to. You also agree to receive emails regarding your account, customer support and similar.

Limitations of responsibility

Next Workmate does not hold any responsibility for errors, data loss or damages caused to you by using our service.

Customer information

By using our service you agree to let us hold and handle your data generated while using our service. At no time will your personal data be shared with any third party.